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Rockie Strategy and Tips and Tricks
« on: April 15, 2017, 05:10:18 PM »
                     Rockie Strategy and Tips and Tricks

   Okay! What's good class? Today we're going to be covering the rockie encounter.

   Ancient Dark Dragon: Rockie, or Rockie for short, is a high level extra dungeon unlocked upon completion of 5-20 Hard. It is comprised of 4 mob phases, followed by an encounter with Rockie and Scarlet.

   I will not be covering the 4 mob phases as they are rather self explanatory, and I will also assume at this point you are familiar with our Dark Dragon friend and the beautiful Miss Scarlet, and as such I will not be covering their abilities.

 General strategy

   After the fourth mob phase, run to the bottom right corner. Wait in the corner (patiently) for Rockie and Scarlet to make their way over to you. If you are ranged you may begin auto attacking as they approach.

   At this point you will be body to body with two monsters capable of leveling Tokyo like Godzilla. You do not want to get hit.

   Begin to juggle using your abilities to immune their attacks, throwing in basic attacks whenever possible. If you feel you can't keep up with when to immune, you can just chain your abilities back to back. When you run out of abilities to use you want to start running clockwise, and you may have to dodge through them if they are body blocking you.

   If one of your party members is still in the corner when you run out of abilities and Rockie and/or Scarlet are not attacking you, you can stop running and basic attack them from the side until your abilities come back up. If they are targeting you when you begin running, or if your team also begins running, make a full (clockwise) lap around the map, returning to the bottom right corner, in order to avoid damage and wait for your abilities to come off of cool-down.

   From there it's basically a rinse and repeat until they are both felled. Congratulations! You have defeated Rockie. Now get back in there and do it 7 more times.

 Tips and Tricks

1: Proper nature weapons! Less important if you play safe and don't do much auto attacking, but will knock a large amount of time off your runs if you can take advantage of this extra damage potential.

2: Skills! Picking skills for Rockie can be a bit confusing. Choosing your abilities depends a lot on your party, and you may end up changing your skills after a run or two with the same group. Choosing the set up that allows you to immune the most attacks is a good start.

3: During the fourth and final mob phase, save as many long cool downs as possible to improve your time in the corner.

4: Start going to the corner before Rockie and Scarlet spawn! If you cause Rockie to arrive later then Scarlet you will make it a lot harder on yourself and your group. Rockie and Scarlets attacks may not line up as nicely, and instead of immune framing a Rockie and Scarlet attack with one ability you will find yourself immune framing a Rockie attack with one ability and then immediately having to use another ability to immune Scarlets ability. This will leave you with little to no time to auto attack, lower your time in the corner, and improve the odds of you getting hit as you are coming out of an ability animation.

5: Keeping the bosses grouped! When standing off to the side you want to watch your positioning. Stand in a way so that if Rockie targets you and uses his dash, he runs into the wall instead of away from the corner and your party. Doing this will help ensure your team lands those high damage AoE's.

6: Perma tank! This person is an over powered damage soaking evasion machine and can stand in the corner the entire time while you are free to basic attack your heart out. Make sure not to get lazy here as you can still get caught with a target switch.

7: Dysfunctional group method. Does your party keep getting destroyed? You can try tanking each boss in separate corners. Rockie is pretty easy to dodge, and has less damage, while scarlet can be a bit unpredictable and can one shot you. The more seasoned dodge master can take scarlet, while the others tackle Rockie. This will increase time during runs but can help get the job done.

8: Keep an eye on your debuffs, if you get hit by an attack that leaves you unable to use abilities and you don't notice it you could easily die.


I think that's all there is to cover! Feel free to comment to add to what I've said, or to let people know about any tips or tricks you may have for Rockie.

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Re: Rockie Strategy and Tips and Tricks
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I think you are thinking about it to much. Just play the game.
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