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General Discussion / Re: New Player Guide
« Last post by Sarxasm on July 27, 2017, 05:42:48 AM »
Thanks for the guild Grodis
General Discussion / Re: Experience Guide
« Last post by Sarxasm on July 27, 2017, 05:42:14 AM »
Great guild
General Discussion / Re: Rockie Strategy and Tips and Tricks
« Last post by Raphlin on June 05, 2017, 08:46:39 PM »
I think you are thinking about it to much. Just play the game.
Remember when you asked me to join discord.
Bye :P
General Discussion / Hackers in game
« Last post by Sonja Watcher on May 14, 2017, 01:38:36 PM »
Redbana, what are you going to do about the hackers in the games? They are taking up the Tower of Infinity scoreboard and taking out the prizes. Why are you so silent?
General Discussion / Rockie Strategy and Tips and Tricks
« Last post by ChemDawg on April 15, 2017, 05:10:18 PM »
                     Rockie Strategy and Tips and Tricks

   Okay! What's good class? Today we're going to be covering the rockie encounter.

   Ancient Dark Dragon: Rockie, or Rockie for short, is a high level extra dungeon unlocked upon completion of 5-20 Hard. It is comprised of 4 mob phases, followed by an encounter with Rockie and Scarlet.

   I will not be covering the 4 mob phases as they are rather self explanatory, and I will also assume at this point you are familiar with our Dark Dragon friend and the beautiful Miss Scarlet, and as such I will not be covering their abilities.

 General strategy

   After the fourth mob phase, run to the bottom right corner. Wait in the corner (patiently) for Rockie and Scarlet to make their way over to you. If you are ranged you may begin auto attacking as they approach.

   At this point you will be body to body with two monsters capable of leveling Tokyo like Godzilla. You do not want to get hit.

   Begin to juggle using your abilities to immune their attacks, throwing in basic attacks whenever possible. If you feel you can't keep up with when to immune, you can just chain your abilities back to back. When you run out of abilities to use you want to start running clockwise, and you may have to dodge through them if they are body blocking you.

   If one of your party members is still in the corner when you run out of abilities and Rockie and/or Scarlet are not attacking you, you can stop running and basic attack them from the side until your abilities come back up. If they are targeting you when you begin running, or if your team also begins running, make a full (clockwise) lap around the map, returning to the bottom right corner, in order to avoid damage and wait for your abilities to come off of cool-down.

   From there it's basically a rinse and repeat until they are both felled. Congratulations! You have defeated Rockie. Now get back in there and do it 7 more times.

 Tips and Tricks

1: Proper nature weapons! Less important if you play safe and don't do much auto attacking, but will knock a large amount of time off your runs if you can take advantage of this extra damage potential.

2: Skills! Picking skills for Rockie can be a bit confusing. Choosing your abilities depends a lot on your party, and you may end up changing your skills after a run or two with the same group. Choosing the set up that allows you to immune the most attacks is a good start.

3: During the fourth and final mob phase, save as many long cool downs as possible to improve your time in the corner.

4: Start going to the corner before Rockie and Scarlet spawn! If you cause Rockie to arrive later then Scarlet you will make it a lot harder on yourself and your group. Rockie and Scarlets attacks may not line up as nicely, and instead of immune framing a Rockie and Scarlet attack with one ability you will find yourself immune framing a Rockie attack with one ability and then immediately having to use another ability to immune Scarlets ability. This will leave you with little to no time to auto attack, lower your time in the corner, and improve the odds of you getting hit as you are coming out of an ability animation.

5: Keeping the bosses grouped! When standing off to the side you want to watch your positioning. Stand in a way so that if Rockie targets you and uses his dash, he runs into the wall instead of away from the corner and your party. Doing this will help ensure your team lands those high damage AoE's.

6: Perma tank! This person is an over powered damage soaking evasion machine and can stand in the corner the entire time while you are free to basic attack your heart out. Make sure not to get lazy here as you can still get caught with a target switch.

7: Dysfunctional group method. Does your party keep getting destroyed? You can try tanking each boss in separate corners. Rockie is pretty easy to dodge, and has less damage, while scarlet can be a bit unpredictable and can one shot you. The more seasoned dodge master can take scarlet, while the others tackle Rockie. This will increase time during runs but can help get the job done.

8: Keep an eye on your debuffs, if you get hit by an attack that leaves you unable to use abilities and you don't notice it you could easily die.


I think that's all there is to cover! Feel free to comment to add to what I've said, or to let people know about any tips or tricks you may have for Rockie.

General Discussion / Re: Dungeon Rune Finder Guide
« Last post by Grodis on April 15, 2017, 03:30:31 AM »
This is awesome thank you!
General Discussion / Re: Dungeon Rune Finder Guide
« Last post by gpo on April 15, 2017, 02:40:56 AM »
Here are the last two, Wind and Acuity.
General Discussion / Dungeon Rune Finder Guide
« Last post by gpo on April 15, 2017, 02:39:42 AM »
Hello everyone! I'm Gpo and I have put together a guide that breaks down each type of Rune that drops in Dungeons ONLY! Runes drop in other places as well but I have focused on just the Dungeons. I'm Human and may have made a typo somewhere or typed a number wrong so if you find one please respond and let me know so I can fix it!I have attached the files(Notepad). Hope this helps on your journey to becoming the strongest Templar you can be! Any questions you can message me in game.


General Discussion / Nightwolfz Rune Guide
« Last post by Grodis on April 10, 2017, 02:38:08 AM »
A Guide to Runes for the aspiring Templar
by Nightwolfz

Runes are used to improve your character throughout the game.  There are many different types of runes and builds for you to experiment with.  This guide will focus on an overview of what runes are and how they work.

There are seven total slots available for runes, each rune is assigned a number for which spot it can be placed.  See below:

You first need to unlock each rune slot on each piece of gear, this is done by tapping on the gear and opening the side menu labeled, "Runes."  Each slot will cost Magic Powder and some gold, which will increase as you unlock more slots.  Once a slot is unlocked, you can add a corresponding rune to it.

Runes vary in quality based on color in the following order: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold.

The better quality the rune, the better the stats and set bonus will be.

The Main Option is the primary stat the rune will provide for your character.  The Main Option is the same for each type of rune and slot.  For example, Vitality Rune (Slot 1) will grant a bonus to ATK, Armor Rune (Slot 1) will grant a bonus to Poison Damage Reduction, and so forth.  The amount of bonus you gain will vary from each rune.

We can see in the picture above that this Roaring Rune (Slot 6) will grant a Main Option of ATK Increase 2%.  Remember, this number will vary depending on the quality of the rune.  Someone else could have an identical rune with a different ATK Increase number.

Auxiliary Options are secondary bonuses you get for equipping a rune, these bonuses vary and are random to each rune.  When you upgrade a rune, you unlock more auxiliary bonuses, but the effects may not carry over.  For example, if you have a Blue rune with 4% Max HP, if you upgrade that rune to a purple rune, the new auxiliary stats will be randomly assigned.  This could be better or worse, depending on what build you are striving for.

Blue runes will give one Auxiliary Option, Purple will give two, and Gold will give three.

Set Options are bonuses that you gain for having the appropiate amount of each rune.  For example, if you have two Blue Vitality runes on the same piece of gear, it will unlock a set bonus of Max HP Increase 6%.  It's important to know, that each rune has to be the same color and type to unlock the set bonuses.  You cannot get a bonus from having one green and one blue rune and so forth.  Set Options can be viewed on the bottom on each rune.

The Amplify Rune (Slot 7) will not grant you any set bonuses, or contribute to any set bonuses. Amplify runes are specific for either Armor or Weapons, which will be listed on the rune when you view it.  You will gain an Amplify Effect from Slot 7 runes, which you can view on the rune itself.

Where do I get runes and how do I upgrade them?

Runes are farmed from various dungeons and have a random chance to drop at the end of each run.  If you view a dungeon, it will show you what runes could potentially drop.  The type of runes that drop will vary depending on the difficulty of the level (Story, Hard, Hell) and the type of run (Elmination, Time Attack).

Upgrading runes will improve the quality and the potential stat bonuses.  To do this hit the Combine button on the type of rune you want to upgrade.  You will need to have three of the same type of runes to combine them.  This will yield one upgraded rune.

It will cost you Advanced Magic Powder and you will need to use Rubies for a 100% success rate.  I'd strongly recommend you use rubies to upgrade runes as Advanced Magic Powder is rare and difficult to farm.  You don't want to risk wasting any on failed attempts.  You can farm Advanced Magic Powder from various Extra Dungeons, Tower of Purgatory, and purchase some for Friendship Points in the store.

When you complete the upgrade, your rune will increase to the next rarity color, the auxiliary stats will change and increase, and the set bonus will also improve.

Final Overview:

Let's take a look at this piece of gear.  We can see that it has six purple vitality runes.  The Set Effect for vitality runes is Max HP Increase per two.  Because we have six runes, we gain a bonus of 8% each for a total of 24%, which we can see in the Set Effect window.

For slot 7 we're using an Amplifier Rune of Strength which grants a bonus of Increase Damage to all Elements, and an Amplify Effect of Ice Damage Reduction.

There are lots of different runes available with different bonuses.  Spend some time looking at what type of build you want and plan ahead before you start upgrading runes.  You can always remove runes from each piece of gear for gold, so feel free to swap and experiment with different builds.

I hope this guide helps makes the rune system easier to understand.  My IGN is Nightwolfz, find me in-game if you have any additional questions with Arcane Dragons.  Good luck to all the aspiring Templars out there.
General Discussion / New Player Guide
« Last post by Grodis on April 05, 2017, 11:11:16 PM »
Hello Templars!! If you are reading this then you must be curious about some of the features in Arcane Dragons. Though I haven't been playing long I want to share some of what I've learned with others. ENJOY!!!

Stamina: Stamina regens at a rate of 1 every 10 minutes. Managing your stamina wisely can really cut down in the total numbers of hours needed to complete your character. Stamina is used for gaining exp,farming rank up stones, farming runes, and gaining rubies. Gaining exp is the most important out of that bunch and if we make sure to manage our stamina correctly, we can accomplish some of the others on the way. For instance: You know you're gonna to level using 10% of the stamina you currently have. You should try to either clear old stages with an SS to get a ruby bonus( first SS clear of any stage ) or farm rank up stones with the other 90% of your stamina. To be completely done with the game every stage in every difficulty should be SS ranked because what we're really interested in is RUBIES.

Extra Dungeon Tickets: These tickets regen at a rate of 1 per hour. Each chapter has their own extra dungeon with 10 levels. Clearing each level of the extra dungeons for the first time rewards you with rubies regardless of the rank you get when cleared. Each extra dungeon should be completed at least once to get all possible rubies from it. Since these also give exp you should always use them before it caps ( 8 total tickets ) at which point you will no longer regen tickets. During the end game people will use these to either farm gear doing rockie 6+ or to farm arcane dust + soul fragments doing lizard 9+. You are also required to do 5 of these each day as part of the daily missions.

Raid Tickets: These tickets regen at midnight(EST) where you'll receive 10 tickets to use for the day. Clearing each level of the raid dungeons for the first time rewards you with rubies regardless of the rank you get when cleared. Each raid dungeon should be cleared at least once to get all possible rubies. Since the exp gain from these is small people only use them to collect gear.

Daily Dungeon: As the name suggests this dungeon changes each day and will be your main source of rank up stones. There are 10 levels to each daily dungeon which take a varying amount of stamina depending on the level. This should be one of your main outlets for any extra stamina you come across.

Tower of Infinity: This is your main way of making gold. You receive 5 entries per day at midnight(EST). There are 25 levels and the goal is to clear it all in the fastest time possible. You can collect rubies once per week based on your overall ranking in ToI.

Tower of Purgatory: This dungeon can be found in town and is a good source of pet materials and gear at higher levels. This uses Extra Dungeon tickets at an increasing rate based on the level you are completing. Clearing each level once will award you with rubies. It is important to clear each level of this once to get all possible rubies.

Arena: Arena can be vs another player or an AI character. The entries regen at a rate of 1 every 10 minutes. Each win will award you 20 points and each loss will award you 10. Every 200 points you are able to collect a small reward and you can collect a weekly award based on your total points earned once each week.
Sent by KilluaZoldyck <MOMENTOUS>

Rubies: Rubies are the IT currency in this game. There are many things you can spend rubies on but the only thing they should be spent on is premium gacha x 11. Special exceptions can be made for rune crafting or exp pots during double exp but 95% of all rubies earned will be used on gacha to get better gear. It is very important not to waste these on anything else. You can pretty much spend rubies on anything. These include: gold,stamina,potions,rune crafting,inventory slots,resurrecting during a stage,gear. Using the gacha system is completely random so the only unknown in your characters power level is the RNG of this system. That is why good planning and discipline will allow you to reach your goals in the shortest amount of time.

Equipment:: This has been the hardest part of the game for me to learn with no available outside resources. Even still I don't claim to be an expert in this area. Gear comes in 6 tiers from 1-6 stars. Each piece can be ranked up to +4 to give it extra bonuses. Some items are part of a set which will be shown at the bottom of the info pane. You can upgrade any piece of gear 1 star by maxing out its enchantment level and then using either evolution stones or pieces of gear from the same tier. Since the bonuses on the gear as you rank it up will be random there is almost always a "better" piece that you can acquire. This is what will keep most players playing.

Sub Equipment: You will open up sub equipment slots when you level and clear chapters in the game. When you equip a piece in a sub equipment slot you will receive 10% of its attack or defense. If given the choice you only want to equip weapons here. Obviously having anything in there is better than leaving it empty but you only need so much defense and since this game is all about clearing things as quickly as possible, your offensive attributes are the most important.

Friends and Friendship Points: You can hold a max of 30 friends at any time. Once every 24 hours you can send your friends 10 points which can be used on gold,dust,enchanting stones,stamina, and gear. I reccomend that you use the points for normal gacha gear rolls until you start to need stamina to level. At that point I would use it to buy stamina. I always make this decision when I'm close to hitting the 2000 point cap. Since getting the max income from this resource relies on having active players on your friend list, I clear people from mine who haven't logged in in a day or more.

PRO TIP: In the friends menu if you click on the "Line" tab and click on the send button it'll open up a webpage on your phone. Hit "OK" when the message pops up and tab back into your game. You should receive 500 friendship points for practically nothing. This can be done once each day.

Daily/Weekly Quests: These quests will be your main source of continuous rubies/stamina. It is very import that you complete your daily quests each day. If you complete your daily quests every day you will complete all of your weekly quests as well. Minus the roulette spin daily, you only need to complete 6 days worth of dailies to complete the weekly mission of the same type. Still I would just do them all each day.

Guilds: Joining a guild is not only important for character growth but also the best part about this game. Your guild will be your first line of defense against getting stuck in your progression. They will always be willing to help as a strong member makes a strong guild. A guild can give you bonuses to these 6 areas: Attack, Defense, Hit Points, Experience Gain, Magic Points, and Gold Gain. You may gain 200 exp a day for the guild. Any activity will award you 10 exp towards that 200 per day cap. You may also choose to "Charge your Vitality" which allows you to gain more exp for the guild but this is NEVER worth it. A guild can expand its roster slots using gold which makes donating gold to your guild important as well. More active members = more exp per day earned. more exp earned = faster guild leveling. faster guild leveling = more skill points to increase all guild member stats. Active and helpful players are the backbone to any successful guild.
<MOMENTOUS> is always looking for active players!!! Come join us.

Mail Center: Any reward you receive ingame will appear in your mailbox. Anything sent to your mailbox will be stored for 7 days. This is great since you will likely find yourself earning more stamina than you can hold. Once you go over your max stamina you will stop regenerating it so its important to use the stamina and ED tickets in your mailbox as needed unless they are about to expire.

Leveling and You: The best way to gain exp and level is to do the highest content you have available until you have unlocked 5-20 story mode. At times you wont be strong enough to complete them on your own. This is where the AD community comes into play. Some players are max level or close to max level and don't mind sparing some of their stamina to help others progress. As a new player you should keep your eyes and ears open for people offering to help others. You should also ask for help if you are stuck on a stage. People who play this game are generally nice and like to help others, especially new players because without new players the game will die.
Special Events: Every so often there are special events that will give you items for logging in, extra exp or gold during certain times, or even save you some rubies with cheaper gacha rolls. Make sure you are taking advantage of these events. I typically grind exp hard on days where double exp is awarded. This includes saving stamina for those times as well. I've also been saving rubies for the next gacha sale. Doing these things will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Discord Link:

This is most of what I've learned since I've started playing Arcane Dragons. I will add more as I learn so until then, Happy Hunting Templars!

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