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Title: Nightwolfz Rune Guide
Post by: Grodis on April 10, 2017, 02:38:08 AM
A Guide to Runes for the aspiring Templar
by Nightwolfz

Runes are used to improve your character throughout the game.  There are many different types of runes and builds for you to experiment with.  This guide will focus on an overview of what runes are and how they work.

There are seven total slots available for runes, each rune is assigned a number for which spot it can be placed.  See below:

You first need to unlock each rune slot on each piece of gear, this is done by tapping on the gear and opening the side menu labeled, "Runes."  Each slot will cost Magic Powder and some gold, which will increase as you unlock more slots.  Once a slot is unlocked, you can add a corresponding rune to it.

Runes vary in quality based on color in the following order: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold.

The better quality the rune, the better the stats and set bonus will be.
The Main Option is the primary stat the rune will provide for your character.  The Main Option is the same for each type of rune and slot.  For example, Vitality Rune (Slot 1) will grant a bonus to ATK, Armor Rune (Slot 1) will grant a bonus to Poison Damage Reduction, and so forth.  The amount of bonus you gain will vary from each rune.

We can see in the picture above that this Roaring Rune (Slot 6) will grant a Main Option of ATK Increase 2%.  Remember, this number will vary depending on the quality of the rune.  Someone else could have an identical rune with a different ATK Increase number.

Auxiliary Options are secondary bonuses you get for equipping a rune, these bonuses vary and are random to each rune.  When you upgrade a rune, you unlock more auxiliary bonuses, but the effects may not carry over.  For example, if you have a Blue rune with 4% Max HP, if you upgrade that rune to a purple rune, the new auxiliary stats will be randomly assigned.  This could be better or worse, depending on what build you are striving for.

Blue runes will give one Auxiliary Option, Purple will give two, and Gold will give three.

Set Options are bonuses that you gain for having the appropiate amount of each rune.  For example, if you have two Blue Vitality runes on the same piece of gear, it will unlock a set bonus of Max HP Increase 6%.  It's important to know, that each rune has to be the same color and type to unlock the set bonuses.  You cannot get a bonus from having one green and one blue rune and so forth.  Set Options can be viewed on the bottom on each rune.
The Amplify Rune (Slot 7) will not grant you any set bonuses, or contribute to any set bonuses. Amplify runes are specific for either Armor or Weapons, which will be listed on the rune when you view it.  You will gain an Amplify Effect from Slot 7 runes, which you can view on the rune itself.
Where do I get runes and how do I upgrade them?

Runes are farmed from various dungeons and have a random chance to drop at the end of each run.  If you view a dungeon, it will show you what runes could potentially drop.  The type of runes that drop will vary depending on the difficulty of the level (Story, Hard, Hell) and the type of run (Elmination, Time Attack).
Upgrading runes will improve the quality and the potential stat bonuses.  To do this hit the Combine button on the type of rune you want to upgrade.  You will need to have three of the same type of runes to combine them.  This will yield one upgraded rune.
It will cost you Advanced Magic Powder and you will need to use Rubies for a 100% success rate.  I'd strongly recommend you use rubies to upgrade runes as Advanced Magic Powder is rare and difficult to farm.  You don't want to risk wasting any on failed attempts.  You can farm Advanced Magic Powder from various Extra Dungeons, Tower of Purgatory, and purchase some for Friendship Points in the store.

When you complete the upgrade, your rune will increase to the next rarity color, the auxiliary stats will change and increase, and the set bonus will also improve.

Final Overview:

Let's take a look at this piece of gear.  We can see that it has six purple vitality runes.  The Set Effect for vitality runes is Max HP Increase per two.  Because we have six runes, we gain a bonus of 8% each for a total of 24%, which we can see in the Set Effect window.

For slot 7 we're using an Amplifier Rune of Strength which grants a bonus of Increase Damage to all Elements, and an Amplify Effect of Ice Damage Reduction.

There are lots of different runes available with different bonuses.  Spend some time looking at what type of build you want and plan ahead before you start upgrading runes.  You can always remove runes from each piece of gear for gold, so feel free to swap and experiment with different builds.

I hope this guide helps makes the rune system easier to understand.  My IGN is Nightwolfz, find me in-game if you have any additional questions with Arcane Dragons.  Good luck to all the aspiring Templars out there.